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Tasha & Tyler Daniels

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Attracting Opposites

You know the saying, “opposites attract”? Meet Tyler and Tasha. This power couple combines a deep analytical approach (Tyler) to business with and infectious and compassionate personality (Tasha) that always hits home with audiences wherever they travel. This has given them the perfect one-two punch that’s helped them rise to the top of an ultra-competitive industry.

But things weren’t always smooth sailing. Tyler loved the idea of network marketing from the start. Tasha—not so much. But the characteristics that have made them a powerhouse couple in the industry eventually won out. They’re grateful for the people who’ve supported and helped them achieve their goals. But they’ve reached their biggest accomplishment outside of the office—being parents to Chase, Jake, Madisyn and Gracyn.

¹ The Distributor sales earnings disclosed in this document are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan. A Distributor’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort and market conditions. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or rank success.

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